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Dolphin Watching

  • 2:30 hour(s)
  • 30€ /person
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Experience Description

Observe dolphins behavior in their natural environment. We are certain that this experience will thrill you.

The most common sighted species are the Short-Beaked Common Dolphin and the Common Bottlenose Dolphin.
Yet, we can also encounter other things such as Flying Fish, Ocean Sunfish or Sea Turtles.

Cetaceans are migratory animals, distributed worldwide by all oceans and seas. Throughout our coast hundreds of these individuals swim by daily.

The tour (lasting 2.30 h) will be made at sea by the shore and our skipper will be your guide, providing you with educating informations regarding the Ria Formosa, our coastline and the dolphins

Most of our pelagic tours are well succeeded. Our current rate is of 95%. However we cannot assure a 100% rate of sightings due that this is a wild animal on his natural habitat.


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  • Ria's Coastline and Offshore

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  • Old Life-guard house

  • Harbor

  • Waterfront

  • Salt farms

  • Bias Tower

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