3 hour Group Boat Tour



Get to know the reserve of the Ria Formosa Natural Park up close on a tour by the water channel going by Armona island to the incredible Fuzeta. You can choose the departure time and you will have a skipper guide to make the most of your tour.

These boat trips are intended for groups with a minimum of 30 people.

Olhão – Armona island – Fuzeta (stop for 45mins) – Olhão


3 hours


25€ / person


  • Oyster, cockle and clam farms
  • Downtown streets
  • Markets
  • Olhão Mother Church
  • Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Soledade
  • Waterfront
  • Ria Formosa Natural Park
  • Maritime Commitment Building
  • Fuseta
  • Armona Island
  • Culatra Island
  • Desert island

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    • Fuzeta:

    Initially, it was a cluster of huts where fishermen kept their fishing gear. It was known as “Fozeta” (diminutive of the mouth) due to the fact that it flows into the trunk. The current name of the village derives from this fact.

    Now, the village has about 1900 inhabitants, which grows a lot in high season. The village managed to conserve many houses that are traditional for this area of ​​the Algarve, in a cubic shape, topped by roof decks and chimneys. Until 2010 there was a set of houses for non-permanent use on the island of Fuzeta. But the winter storms of that year destroyed all of them. On the island, there are now only a few snack bars open in the summer.

    The main activity continues to be fishing and its derivatives, but the proximity of the beaches and the Ria Formosa has led to an increase in the tourism sector. The campsite welcomes hundreds of visitors in the summer, as do hotels and guest houses.

    • Armona Island:

    Armona Island – is one of the five barrier islands of the Ria Formosa. Of the five, it is one of the most populated, especially during the summer, but it is also one of the most enjoyable for beach or water sports. It is possible to rent private houses on the island. There are restaurants near the port, some of them with family traditional dishes passed from generation to generation.

    Island is about 9 km long, with a maximum width of 1400 m at the SW end and a long frontal dune cord from 8 to 9 m in height, robust and well-vegetated. The deposition of sediment to the west is a unique phenomenon in the entire Ria Formosa system and contributes to the narrowing of Barra da Armona.

    To the west is the widest part of the island where the village of Armona is located, formed by fishermen and shellfish gatherers. Most of the houses are now used for the owners’ holidays and/or for rent in the summer period.


    If you are on vacation and are unable to find the transport to the place where your tour starts, our team will arrange your transport (an additional cost).

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