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Ricardo Badalo is the CEO of Passeios Ria Formosa. A native of Fuzeta, known for being a fisherman’s land, Ricardo has a master’s degree in architecture, as well as several bird and cetacean observation and identification courses. He also has a vast knowledge of fauna and flora, biology, history and anthropology of his area of work, the Ria Formosa.

This vast knowledge applies equally to the skippers of this company who, together with Ricardo, have great knowledge about the waters and islands of Ria Formosa,they are responsible for the tours that this company offers. The team also counts with a back office, which is responsible for the Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales and Booking of the company.

Passeios Ria Formosa belongs to the company Ricardo Badalo Unipessoal Lda, headquartered in the village of Fuzeta and has a certificate in Nature Tourism with the number 71/2011.
The main purpose of this company is to provide customers with the best leisure and entertainment experiences, while revealing the charms of Ria Formosa.

We are a practical and versatile company and we believe we can offer a quality service and with great capacity to adapt to your interests. This way, the trust of the clients has increased year after year, resulting in an expansion of programs and acquisition of boats.



Currently, our boats disembark from Fuzeta, Olhão, Santa Luzia and Cabanas de Tavira, in order to provide activities such as:

  • Tours on the Ria Formosa with durations of 1h, 2h, 3h, 4h and 7h (full day);
  • Tours at sea for dolphin observation;
  • Tours in the Ria and/or in the sea for birdwatching;
  • Snorkeling to observe seahorses;
  • Watersports with fast ringos;
  • Dinner for two on a deserted beach or an anchored sailboat;
  • Sport fishing (reef fishing) on deep sea;
  • Transportation in a taxi boat to beaches of the barrier islands;
  • Visits by boat in the area departing from Cabanas de Tavira and Santa Luzia, to Tavira, Tavira Island, Cabanas Island, and Terra Estreita Beach;
  • Boats, canoes and fishing equipment rental;
  • Ferryboat from  Faro to the Faro Island beach;
  • Ferryboat from Olhão to the Hangares, Farol and Deserta Islands;
  • Ferryboat from  Santa Luzia to the Terra Estreita beach;
  • Local accommodation based in Ria Formosa – House Boat

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For more information please send us an E-mail to: reservas@passeios-ria-formosa.com or fill out the form in our Contacts page.
We will get back to you.

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On this website you can stay up to date with everything that our company represents and offers, as well as book the tour that best suits your preferences. We invite you to get to know the Ria Formosa with us. New experiences and fantastic stories are guaranteed to be told.

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