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West Coast Tour

  • 8h hour(s)
  • 70€ /person
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Experience Description

Discover the Wildlife of Algarve.
Come with us explore the outstanding beauty of the Southwest Alentejo Natural Park and Algarve´s West Coast Region. We will drive throught the main interesting points of the wild west coast of Algarve.
From 09:00h to 17:00h 

Lagos & Ponta da Piedade Lighthouse (30min stop) - Sagres Fortress (1h stop) - Cape Saint Vicent (30m stop )- Sagres (1h30m stop for 
included lunch)  -  Mareta Beach (1h stop) - Caldas de Monchique (30m stop)

The journey starts at  Ponta da Piedade in Lagos considered as "probably the most beautiful beach in the world" by the well-known American newspaper Huffington Post. We will uncover the history and culture of Portugal's Age of Discovery concentrated in this area till the southwesternmost tip of Europe, Sagres. Here the untouched nature, the mystical atmosphere and rich heritage will astonish you throught the beaches and the soaring cliffs .

The Southwest Alentejo Natural Park and Vicentine Coast (Costa Vicentina) has a costline of almost 120km (74,5 miles). Big streams, long and wild beaches, dunes, cliffs and forests. The sea in this coast is impressive because of the waves with an impressive force and a rich marine fauna. From the cliffs you can see sea birds and on the sheltered moors you will find several wildflowers. The 76 000 hectares (293.4 Square miles) of natural landscape containing more than 100 different species of endemic, rare or highly localised flora and a significant number of threatened animal species.

You will end the journey renewing energies at the Algarve hills. We will stop in Caldas de Monchique thermae, a quiet place involved in streams and dense vegetation. Running in the rich soils of Monchique hills, this healing water is rich in bicarbonate, sodium and fluorine turning it perfect for curing and preventing airway conditions and musculoskeletal.

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