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1h Boat Trip

  • 1 hour(s)
  • 12,5€ /person
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Experience Description

Boat trip with 1h duration, with a 15 min. stop at a selected beach.        

Location Itinerary

Originally made out of clay, the "alcatruzes" have been the solution found by fishermen over the centuries to capture octopus, a species that likes to hide in any hole. Today, most alcatruzes have an iron and nylon frame, but some fishermen still prefer the old-fashioned fishing. Take the opportunity to travel close to one of the most typical villages of the Algarve - Santa Luzia - passing by Terra Estreita beach, next to Quatro Águas in Tavira, stopping at the Barra de Tavira Desert Beach.

Itinerary: Santa Luzia - Terra Estreita - Quatro Águas - Deserted Beach of Tavira Inlet (15min stop) - Santa Luzia

Santa Luzia : It has 1794 residents. Santa Luzia is linked to fishing practice since its origin. The first residents established on the territory in 1577, and they were fishermen.The village’s name came from the first building constructed in the territory, the hermitage, built by fishermen and dedicated to Santa Luzia, a sicilian martyr and protector of the suffering of the eyes, which became the patron saint of the parish.
The fishing was initially done with trawl nets and hooks, and from 1842 to mid-twentieth century, with the appearance of the Barril armação, by tuna fishing with harpoons.  In 1927 the fishermen start the octopus fishing with buckets and pots, and that’s why Santa Luzia is still knowned as the "capital of the octopus”.
The main activity continues to be the fishing, but the tourism industry has been also having a huge development. The village is knowned by her closed link between her restoration and the confection of dishes based on octopus. And factors such as proximity to Tavira (5min. 2.5 miles), and traditional recreational activities developed in the summer, and the proximity to Tavira Island and the beaches of Terra Estreita and Barril, extremely crowded in the summer, have contributed to the expansion of tourists on the village. 

A) Terra Estreita Beach - beach facilities, bars and activities available with high quality.

B) Tavira Island - voted one of the best beaches in Europe, the route from ria to the beach is surrounded by the camping and several restaurants and bars.This is the only island with a camping park.
     Desert Beach- in Cabanas Island on the east side of Tavira bay, this beach is the getaway of crowds and one of the best beaches to relax or discover the Natural Park of Ria Formosa on a pleasant walk. 

Other Departures:


  • Riverside walkway

  • Tavira

  • Tavira island

  • Good restaurants

  • Fishermen neighborhood

  • Church

  • Market and fish auction

  • Terra Estreita beach


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