Land Activities - Visiting Olhão Market - Visiting Olhão Market

Visiting Olhão Market

  • 2 hour(s)
  • 25€ /person
  • Map

Experience Description

Meet Olhão, a typical fishing city, rich in history and old legends.

Olhão is known as the “cubist city” due to the typical cubic houses in the narrow streets of the historic center. We will discover the three churches in the town center, the unique markets on the riverside and demystify the city legends.


Riverside Area - Olhanense Fishermen Garden - Olhão Markets - Historic Center - Chapel of Sr.dos Aflitos - Main Church Nossa Sr.ª do Rosário - Church of Nossa Srª.Soledade

The following clip evidence the importance of the 5 legends in 5 squares that we will unveil on this tour:


  • Olhão

  • Oyster and small clams farms

  • Center streets

  • Markets

  • Olhão Main Church

  • Chapel of Nossa Sr.ª da Soledade

  • Commerce Street

  • Riverside walkway

  • Ria Formosa Natural Park

  • Maritime Commitment building

  • Fuseta

  • Armona island

  • Culatra island

  • Deserta island


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