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News: Houseboats displaying the beauty of Ria Formosa

News: Houseboats displaying the beauty of Ria Formosa

The house boats of the Passeios Ria Formosa tours provide you with an unforgettable experience.

“In addition to the fantastic moments that this experience provides, these boats are self-contained boats that do not require external energy, as they have solar panels. Due to the boats being anchored, their engines are never running, not polluting the Ria Formosa”, explains the company responsible for Ria Formosa Tours.

The houseboats, anchored in the Barra Velha Beach area, allow visitors to observe the beauty of the Ria Formosa in its purest state, as well as getting to know the diverse local fauna and flora.

There are two eco-friendly houseboats, one smaller, ideal for two adults and two children, and the larger one, which houses a maximum of six adults and four children. Both boats have an indoor dining area, a sun terrace with a solarium and the larger boat even includes a bubbling area. Guests may use the kitchenette to cook light meals, as the kitchen is equipped with a fridge, microwave and a portable stove.

(This article was posted online in Postal do Algarve a 13 Mar 2019)

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