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Sailing Tour

  • 4 hour(s)
  • 50€ /person
  • Map

Experience Description

If you like the sea and you are in the Algarve region, come with us in a sailing tour through Ria Formosa Natural Park and coast.

Embark on this 4 hour tour where, besides being able to get to know the Ria Formosa, you can learn how to sail this Sailboat.

Location Itinerary

Itinerary: Fuseta - Fuseta Bar - Sea - Fuseta


  • Swimming in the ria

  • Sailling lessons

  • Swimming in the sea


  • Ria Beach

  • Natural inlet

  • Fuseta

  • Ria's Coastline and Offshore

  • Fuseta's Main Church

  • Old Life-guard house

  • Harbor

  • Waterfront

  • Salt farms

  • Bias Tower

  • Oyster and small clams farms

  • Ria Beach

  • Fuseta Island beach

  • Natural inlet

  • Homem Nú Beach


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