2-hours Boat Tour

Departure - Santa Luzia


2-hour Boat Tour in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, with a 30-minute stop for sightseeing.


2 hours


25€ / person


  • Ria Formosa marina
  • Tavira
  • Tavira island
  • Marina walkway of Ria Formosa
  • Good restaurants with fresh seafood
  • Fishermen neighborhood
  • Church
  • Market and fish auction
  • Terra Estreita beach


  • Departure from Sta. Luzia
  • Beach Terra Estreita
  • Quatro Águas
  • Tavira (stop for 30min)
  • Return to Sta. Luzia


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Gilão river Route

Depart from Santa Luzia towards Terra Estreita beach, one of the most beautiful and exclusive beaches in the Ria Formosa. Then, go through Quatro Águas area and the channel that separates Tavira from its island. Discover the island of Tavira and make a short stop in the city, for a coffee or a quick bite to eat.

  • Santa Luzia:

The history of the village has always been linked to the sea. The first records of inhabitants in the area of ​​Santa Luzia go back to 1577 and tell about fishermen.
The village owes its name to the first building built in the territory, the chapel, built by fishermen and dedicated to Santa Luzia, a Sicilian martyr and protector of those who suffer.

The fishing was initially done by capturing with xávegas and hook. From 1842 to the middle of the 20th century were used the appearance of the Barrel frame. As of 1927, fishermen began to dedicate themselves to fishing for octopus with rumps and creels, which led to Santa Luzia still being considered as the “capital of the octopus”.

Currently, the main activity continues to be fishing and its derivatives, but the tourism sector has had a huge development. The village is well known for dishes based on octopus. Village can be named resort because of factors like the proximity to Tavira (5min car ride, 2.5km), traditional activities that developed in the summer, the proximity of the Island of Tavira and the beaches of Terra Estreita and Barril. Beaches in front of Santa Luzia extremely crowded in the summer, have contributed to the growth of tourism in the village.

Tavira – a city divided by the Gilão River, flanked by commerce and restaurants, and by a historic center rich in Phoenician and Islamic archaeological remains, convents with marks from the Gothic and Manueline periods, the Renaissance churches and Baroque chapels.

Terra Estreita beach has high-quality beach service, bar and activities available.

Tavira Island voted as one of the best beaches in Europe, the route between the lagoon and the beach is surrounded by the campsite, several restaurants and bars.

Deserta beach is accessible only by private boats or water taxis. Deserta beach on the island of Cabanas is one of the favorite beaches for those who want to escape the seasonal crowd and/or stroll through the Ria Formosa Natural Park and all its biodiversity.


If you are on vacation and are unable to find the transport to the place where your tour starts, our team will arrange your transport (an additional cost).

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