Water Activities - Boat Tours in Ria Formosa - Flamingo Route

Flamingo Route

  • 1H30 hour(s)
  • 20€ /person
  • Map

Experience Description

In this tour, we visit the Ria Formosa salt flats, where we can find large groups of flamingos, coming from colonies in Spain and France, and some specimens of groups that nest here in the Algarve, in the Salgados Lagoon.

Get to know this beautiful species more closely while enjoying the ride and information on our boats, alongside with details about other species that frequent the salt flats, such as tailors, sandpipers, torches and herons.

We provide binoculars and a bird guide. Bring curiousness and cheerfulness and let our skippers handle the rest.


Location Itinerary

Itinerary: Cabanas - Quatro Águas - Salt Farms (stop) - Cabanas


  • Salt farms

  • Cabanas island

  • Tavira

  • Tavira island

  • Ria Formosa Fauna

  • Ria's water channels

  • Quatro Águas area

  • Cabanas de Tavira

  • Tavira inlet

  • Gilão river

  • Salt farms

  • Cabanas island

  • Walkway of Ria Formosa Avenue

  • Church of Nossa Srª do Mar

  • Fort St. João da Barra

  • Tavira

  • Tavira island


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