News - Praia da Terra Estreita

Praia Terra Estreita

Better known as «Capital of the Octopus», Santa Luiza offers not only your excellent gastronomy to the visitors, but also a beach called Terra Estreita, very popular with the zen and relaxing atmosphere. 

Belonging to the Ria Formosa Natural Park, located in front of the small village of Santa Luzia, we can enjoy this beach that was formed in the narrow zone of an Island. Its name then came from your formation, for being only a portion, in the narro part of the Tavira Island.

This beach has a vast desert, white and fine, with about 2.6 km that makes  possible for those who visit a quiet and great day to relax from the confusion of the city, because never finds crowded on this beach not even during the bathing season, because never exist large crowds on this beach and even during a bathing season.

The warm water and, above all, clean and transparent, alludes to the eyes of those who visit this beach, as well as the desire to return.

Although the quietness that the beach offers, as on all the great beaches and islands, Praia da Terra Estreita has a concession for those who prefer a sunbed instead of the beach towel, and a bar to enjoy a cool drink.

Still, for all those who like to adventure to water sports, this beach offers some activities like windsurfing and paddle.

To get to this little paradise the only option is the boat. The Passeios Ria Formosa ensure that you have the safest and most convenient transportation, at a price of only 2 euros, round trip.

Along this route, you can see this beach that is surrounded by the Ria Formosa, contrasting with the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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