News - Visit of the Agriculture and Sea Committee to Fuseta Bay


Passeios Ria Formosa today followed the Agriculture and Sea Commission during its visit to the conditions of the actual state of Fuseta Bay.

Despite the bad weather that was felt, we observed the increased difficulty in entry and exit of vessels in the bay, as the low tide height was ideal for this better appreciation.

Along the way it was possible to observe that there were several stoped vessels waiting for the rising tide, water channels barely visible for navigation and in which the speed had to be greatly reduced and even something unusual (or in this case usual) occurred as one of the boats that was transporting part of Commissioners got stuck in the sand, failing to do the intended route.

We hope that after this day and with the observation in the field, it will be possible to reach a consensus and decide on new ways of improving the current conditions of Fuseta Natural Bay.

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