News - Recovery of Dolphin found dead in Fuzeta Island

Recuperacao Golfinho

Our skippers found last Thursday 8th January a killed Common Dolphin killed on Fuseta Island, on the side of the coast, when carrying out a taxi service.
The animal was in the sand with its tail cut off and his muscles were still quite hard and leaking blood in the cut zone, implying that its death would have occurred at a short time ago.
By making a brief observation of the area and shape of the cut, it appeared to have been made by a blade, possibly a knife.
After we contacted the responsible organizations in assisting this type of events, a team of the project Life MarPro went with us to the beach to collect the animal.
According to the observers the dolphin would be an adult female weighing about 70 kg, and most likely regarding his death is that it had been trapped in a fishing net at sea, ending up dying by their inability to come to the surface to breathe. This type of situation apparently is not as unusual as this, as when the fishermen are faced with these events they end up cutting the tails in order to remove the dolphin, where the tide eventually leads them to drift until they get to the coast on a near beach.
The dolphin was taken by the team at Life MarPro to be possible to perform a necropsy and conduct various types of analyzes to find out the cause of his death. It will be buried after following all proper procedures.
The Passeios Ria Formosa would like to thank the Life MarPro team that collaborated with our company in the animal collection as this was a very sad event that shook our team.
We love to see these beautiful mammals in their environment full of energy and feeling of well-being that they provide us, not on the sand of a beach without any vitality.
All we could wich is that these events cease to happen.

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